🚀 Mission

TLGG has been designing the customer experience of the future since 2008. That means looking at today and tomorrow, but also beyond tomorrow and even further ahead. Everything is a touchpoint, a way to communicate. Every brand experience must be more than a moment – but a moment can mean everything. We bring brands, products, teams, ideas, and companies to the right places at the right times. That’s right. That’s it.

🎯 Analysis & Performance

Context is king and communication that doesn’t resonate is just noise. We keep an eye and an ear out across all channels, check for weak signals, analyze, and evaluate. We turn that data into answers, and answers into actions. We develop and design, delivering images, sequences, animations, texts, sounds, smells, aromas, ideas, data, and structures that say the right things to the right people.

🧠 Story & Experience

Everywhere, at every hour – the boundaries between online and offline are quickly disintegrating, on-site and far away, now and into the future. We call it “Story and Experience,” and what we mean is simple: Participation. We create brand experiences for our clients and their customers, minimize FOMO, optimize contacts, and maximize value and joy.

✏️ Content & Production

On walls, on screens, in headphones. In a feed, in a picture, in the community. To be the sensation of the moment and/or to last for eternity. We take ideas from the first “that’s it” to the final frame. To achieve this, we work in-house as well as with a network of the best in the business. We steer, develop, collaborate, and keep ourselves on the ball – and everything in the best light. Always.

💾 Data & Tech

Everything is full of data and insight can be found everywhere! We research and learn, test and analyze. We are futurologists and craftsmen; trends are our briefings and new technologies our Field of Dreams: If we build it, they will come. And vice versa. This is how we develop moments, stories, services, and experiences. Augmented, intelligent, immediate.

📈 Business & Organization

“A wrong-way driver? Hundreds of them!” – Challenges usually begin where they are felt. Inside the organization, in teams, in people, in current states of knowledge, and in routines. We advise and assist in development, creating processes and prototypes, empowering brands and companies to achieve what counts: The customer experiences of the future. See above.