The history of our name

TLGG becomes TLGG

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In 2022 we have made official what has become standard in the last years anyway: In addition to TLGG Consulting GmbH, TLGG Agency GmbH is now also recorded as a company name in the commercial register.  

TLGG was founded in 2008 by Christoph Bornschein, Fränzi Kühne and Boontham Temaismithi as "Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr. The origin of the name is as unspectacular as it is spontaneous: Two egg cups from Christoph and Fränzi's shared flat with the inscription "Torben" and "Lucie" were jokingly supplemented with "Gelbe Gefahr". And so it became the company name.    

In the meantime, Boontham and Fränzi have devoted themselves to new projects. Today TLGG is managed by Christoph together with the two executive leads Annabelle Jenisch and Max Orgeldinger. And even if TLGG remains true to itself, our society continues to evolve and TLGG with it. 

In a society that is increasingly and justifiably questioning its own racist prejudices and behaviors, we too want to make our contribution to a more just, more reflective and more diverse world. For this reason, we are now making official what we have been living unofficially for many years. The name "Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr“ is now history.