Hey, do you need solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings? We’re the Hager Group – a leading supplier!


Okay, that’s good to know. But currently we are quite well taken care of here at RAPP Berlin.


Okay, but maybe you have some solutions for us. As a company that operates globally, we’re facing two particular challenges :/

For one, the fundamentals of marketing are changing in the form of target groups and channels. We need to engage in direct dialogue much more than ever before and develop new technologies and strategies that do justice to the complexity of new customer journeys. 

At the same time, it is important for us not only to think up and file these technologies and strategies globally, but also to use them actively in our numerous markets.


That’s clear and well considered. How can we support you?


We’re looking for ways to implement the new strategy while integrating local differences and experiences. In short: a “glocal” social media strategy.


Okay. We’ll do it in two workstreams. Buckle up, here comes a lot of text.

Workstream 1: We’ll develop a strategic framework for your social media activities: The cookbook. It defines target groups, channels and a content system, community management basics, and KPIs to measure success. 
This isn’t some dogmatic list of rules, however, but rather the starting point of a process. During the implementation of the cookbook, channels are created or channels are merged and gradually more and more markets are put on strategy. This results in new basic conditions and we constantly review the cookbook and adjust it regularly in the sense of a “living document.”

If we then design, implement, and evaluate a social media pitch for you with various providers, we will find the ideal partner for the global implementation.

Workstream 2: Of course, we’re also dealing with the mediation of the strategy in our respective markets. We won’t be creating the “cookbook” on our own either, but rather together with responsible people from selected Hager markets, such as Sweden and the UK, and relevant corporate departments, such as corporate communications. Only in this way is it possible for our strategy to be factually correct in various markets and to leave the right leeway there so that it is also supported by others. To implement the strategy – both globally and at country level – we’ll then draw up operational guidelines, so-called “playbooks.”

Hang on, we’ve also got that as a graphic.


Aaah! 💡

We think that’s good, just like that.

If we look back so far, we have achieved one thing above all else. 

“Content Marketing and Social Media today is not integrated in our strategy. That must change. Fast.” That was still written in the briefing. We have gained widespread attention for these topics through all levels of the Hager Group, up to the CEO. Furthermore, the foundation for the rollout has been laid at this early stage: The global organization, a new global editorial task force, and the pilot markets are on the starting blocks.


Terrific. Thank you very much.

Wait, Harnold den Ouden – the Social Media & Content Marketing Manager of our digital factory – is just sending us a comment for your case page. 

“From the very beginning we had a great company fit.”

“RAPP is a great partner to define your social media strategy and played an important part in our digital transformation. Working together was very pleasant and fun.”



RAPP Berlin was founded in 2015 and is a part of the TLGG Group – as a partner for digital brand communication.

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