We create the experiences of the future.
We’d be happy to create yours too.
Preferably with you.

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TLGG was born in 2008 as the collective idea of three people. Around 200 creative, clever, humorous, unique people have multiplied, changed, and expanded that idea since. Here are some of them:

As a strategist, my passion lies with brands, people, and everything in between. What TLGG inspires me to do is to sharpen my focus on the big picture. — Aline Henkys
Israeli. Curly in hair and attitude. Traveler. Dreamer. Flexibly accepting challenges and experimenting at TLGG since 2017 – with people I appreciate and watermelons in summer. — Keren Kaufman
"We'll get it all done" – that's been the insight and refrain for me at TLGG since 2012. Every change, every move, every parental leave, every briefing, every hangover. We get there. Together. And well. — Meike Bitzer
The most stable ideas come from the team. I appreciate our freedom to create and the many creative minds who think outside the box to make the most of it. #tlggworkinghardforthemoney #tlggworkingheartforthemoney — Kilian Bruneß
Born in Spandau, raised in Charlottenburg, lives in Neukölln. Will probably die between Hellersdorf and Köpenick. TLGG is my professional home. I can be here and that's why I'm here. — Felix
People are not interested in brands, they are interested in themselves – an interest that we share. We develop radical customer-centric communication, creative lighthouses, and seamless brand stories across all channels and borders. Internationally positioned, close to each other, in love with sore muscles. Lemon yellow lasts. — Hannes Gärtner
Creation is empathy. It must understand the present, the future, and the people in it. It cannot do this by boning up on standards and working through processes. We understand and design creation as an open platform in the flow of disciplines. Everyone can have ideas – we create the environment in which they mature and inspire. — Marcus Greye
We are pioneers for pioneers. We break new ground with curiosity, experience and courageous customers - lots of trial and error, lots of learning and as little mistakes as possible. We want to always do better for exactly the immersive customer experiences that generate enthusiasm – with customers, customer's customers, their aunts twice-removed, with us. We are neon like the internet and yellow like a rising light. We are neon yellow. — Anja Klose
Maybe sometimes we just make ads here. But always exactly the one that fits. Brand performance refines content with context and goals with target groups. We examine strategies and inspire creation – with new formats, channels, target groups, and possibilities. We don't waste budgets on commission, but achieve maximum results with optimal use. — Detlef Henke
You're not going to become a love brand running people against advertising columns. Very good communication is direct and original, discreet and everywhere, relevant, and one-to-one. It is at every touchpoint, in every format and every interaction, and has to be thought of exactly that way. Bright yellow, sorted in processes, and free in thought, we accompany our clients through today into tomorrow. — Florian Kegel
We are the strategy, we are the providers of meaning. We maximize value instead of reach and support brands in making a real difference in the lives of their audiences. We enable offers that are more than just a call to buy. Thought big, built big, served small and precise, with sun in yellow and fun in funnel. — Nicolas Dierking
Reach needs directions, measurability needs context, success a definition, and work a good mood. And we create that, develop that, implement that. Fundamental differences, competently combined, with opinion and performance: KPIs alone are figures without a goal. Data, timing, and relevance and a very, very good team turn them into real values. That's golden yellow. — Yannick Lott
Change, society, attitude, value creation, brand essence, and digital future: We know, are able, and really understand many things better than others. And we're also more modest. We communicate ourselves, cleverly and always somewhat differently, as TLGG for TLGG. We share knowledge in a strong and agile position, we fight for the future, and we take humor very seriously. — Ana-Marija Cvitic
TLGG always needs good people. And good people need a good TLGG. We all create the best conditions for growth and happiness. Recognizing and bringing talents together, cultivating and keeping them, living and loving values, learning and teaching leadership, and developing real teams – that beats any fruit basket. Even the really fresh and tasty ones. — Elfrun Otterbach

We analyze and plan, we design and improvise, we fail and we shine. Sometimes in that exact order. We work professionally on ideal provisional solutions and take the initiative with a focus on progress. Being on the move is more important to us than knowing everything.

Do we make mistakes? Of course. Mistakes are the prototype of innovation. Development needs debate, analysis, and courage. We not only learn from mistakes, we like learning from them. Those who always do everything wrong are not thorough enough. Those who always do everything right are not courageous enough.

We deliver 100% energy starting at 80% agreement, always act in the interests of the client, and stand by each other. Sounds cheesy, but that’s how it is. We also love sore muscles. We are TLGG.

5 Values for a Halleluja

80% agreement = 100% energy

Show courage and make decisions.
Show courage and accept decisions.
Put it into practice, even if it hurts.
Good results are better than perfect plans.


TLGG has got your back

Take responsibility.
Hand over responsibility.
Have confidence.
Be TLGG for others.


Always act in the interest of the client

Identify your clients.
Love your clients.
Make things possible.


Love sore muscles

Give it all you’ve got and a little more.
Give your respect to the best performance.
Give bad performance a name.
Raise the bar.


Be yellow

Be a part of us.
Be passionate.
Give us your head.
Give us your heart.