Annabelle Jenisch

Consultant & People Lead @TLGG Consulting

Annabelle Jenisch is a consultant at TLGG Consulting and repeat founder with the focus on organizational development.

As a consultant, Annabelle enables companies such as TUI, Porsche, or Merck to develop and successfully implement sustainable business models and organizational structures. As People Lead, she leads and shapes the TLGGC team. With her own startup, she supports organizations in anchoring the issue of mindfulness. She learned her tools of the trade at Witten/Herdecke, where she headed the student management consultancy.

Die neue Rolle von HR
Good School, 2019
Was bringen Digitalberater der deutschen Wirtschaft?
NKF Summit, 2018
Fragen an die Welt von morgen
CLUB OF ROME, „2052“ Konferenz, 2016
Main Topics
  • #Industry: Retail, Health, Travel
  • #New Work / Organizational Transformation
  • #(Female) Leadership
  • #Family Business / Medium-sized Businesses
  • #Venture Building & Entrepreneurship
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