Basti Oehmigen

Senior Content Creative @TLGG

Basti Oehmigen is a digital creative responsible for digital campaigns and content creative marketing at TLGG.

After training in classical media and studying business communication, Basti moved to the creative industry after spending time in the Berlin startup scene. At TLGG he designs a colorful potpourri of content creative marketing and campaigns for clients including Swisscom, BARMER, and Volkswagen. His fields of specialization include event and near-live communication as well as community building.

Multinationale Influencer-Kampagne
Volkswagen Motorsport, 2019
Aus Live-Kommunikation wird Near-Live-Kommunikation
TLGG Whitepaper, 2018
Markentreue durch Moderation
Barmer Krankenkasse, 2017
Main Topics
  • #Event and Near-Live Communication
  • #Multinational Influencer Campaigns
  • #Content Strategies and Brand Building
  • #Community Building in SoMe
  • #Brands and Storytelling
  • #Experience
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