Carolin Köne

Consultant @TLGG Consulting

Carolin is a multi-talent with a focus on people in the framework of the digital world. Her personal drive is to create advanced solutions with impact.

With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in management, Carolin shows interdisciplinary understanding, combining analytical thinking with business know-how and a generous dose of curiosity. At TLGG, Carolin was involved in the creation of an innovation unit in the public sector and the transformation process of an international energy company.

Schafft Digitalisierung die Hochschule ab? Impulse für die Hochschule der digitalen Zukunft!
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, 2019
DAX30 Unternehmen
Design-Thinking Workshop
Für einen globalen Rückversicherer
Main Topics
  • #Innovation Management
  • #Development of Internal Innovation Units with a Focus on Corporations
  • #New Work & Agile Teams
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