Daniel Fiebig

Consultant @TLGG Consulting


At TLGG, Daniel Fiebig is responsible for anchoring software as a driving element in our understanding of technology. His philosophy: Business and technology must always be thought of holistically.

Daniel has been primarily active for more than ten years as CTO and Founder of various companies, most recently at the Wellnow health services marketplace. He also acts as a tech evangelist in various contexts, such as the non-profit social added value of technology at Hackerstolz e.V., or on the subject of entrepreneurship as 3rd career path at the IHK.

Tech-Keynote Digitalkonferenz
Mischkonzern-Holding 100+ Ceo‘s, 2019
Data Governance Lightning Talk
Roundtable Einer Versicherung, 2019
Main Topics
  • #Tech and Software Strategy
  • #Venture Capital Start-ups
  • #The Role of Modern IT in the Digital Age
  • #AI/ Machine Learning
  • #Platform / Software Architecture
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