Katharina Dermühl

Consultant @TLGG Consulting


Katharina Dermühl is a multi-talent with a passion for technologies with social impact. She is a consultant at TLGG Consulting with a focus on organizational transformation.

After studying design management, Katharina gained philosophical and methodical input from her master’s degree in futurology. She applied this to positions at Daimler and Biotronik before founding three impact-driven startups herself: Kiron, Migrationhub, and Midge. At TLGG Consulting, she leads brands into the digital future.

Re­balancing the Offline and Online Integration
re:publica, 2016
Main Topics
  • #Industry: Health
  • #Public Sector / The Tension Between Technology and Society
  • #Leadership / Female Empowerment
  • #New Work / Organizational Development
  • #Venture Building / Business Start-up
  • #Digital Future / Future of Health
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