Katrin Bartels

Consultant @TLGG Consulting


Katrin Bartels has been working for TLGG as a consultant since the beginning of 2017. She advises the public and private sectors on strategy and transformation of the organization.

After studying business administration, Katrin co-founded the Fairmondo cooperative, which today has over 2,000 members and operates its own online marketplace. She gained years of experience in the food trade, most recently at Veganz, Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain. At TLGG, Katrin led the strategic realignment of a public administration and the transformation of a financial services provider into a purpose-driven organization.

Digital Leadership
VW, 2018
Organisational Hacks
Good School, 2019
Main Topics
  • #Public Sector / Innovation in Public Administration
  • #New Work / Transformation Processes in Public Organizations
  • #Purpose Driven Organization
  • #Social Business
  • #Industry: Food / Food Trends
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