Leo Klattenhoff

Consultant @TLGG Consulting


Leo Klattenhoff has been working as a consultant at TLGG Consulting since 2015, where he is regarded as a digital truffle hog with a nose for the trends and technologies of the future.

Leo is curious. Fortunately, the digital world is big enough to have grabbed his attention for years, again and again. No matter whether it’s the changes in the working world itself, the early days and the development stage of startup ventures, or physical and digital products: Since he never has enough free time, Leo prefers to work on it right away in a professional capacity. Mostly in collaboration with DAX companies or SMEs, but also with NGOs and startups.

Schöne neue Arbeitswelt
Bitzilla Conference, Ravensburg, 2018
Interne Workshops und Vorträge bei Kunden
seit 2018
Main Topics
  • #(Urban) Mobility
  • #New Work & Purpose Driven Org
  • #Smart City
  • #Technology & Society
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