Leonard Becker

Consultant @TLGG Consulting


Leonard has been working as a digital consultant at TLGG Consulting since 2018. His expertise lies in the digitalization of the financial industry.

Leonard’s passion lies at the crossroads of business, technology, and society. At TLGG, he is responsible for the digitalization of the financial industry and works with major banks to develop business models for the future. Before joining TLGG, he gained operational experience in the management of GoButler’s Berlin office and connected startups and investors at the Deutsche Börse Venture Network.

Kampf um die Kundenschnittstelle Chancen der Digitalisierung
Sparkasse, 2019
Main Topics
  • #Industry: Finance
  • #Digital Technologies and Innovation Processes in the Financial Industry
  • #The Role of Investment Models and Venture Capital as a Prerequisite for Innovation in Germany
  • #Public Sector / The Impact of Digitalization Processes on Politics, Economy and Society
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