Max Orgeldinger

Managing Director @TLGG Consulting

Max Orgeldinger is one of the founding heads of TLGG Consulting. He has been involved in building this unit up for more than five years and is now responsible for the business as Managing Director.

Born in 1989, he joined TLGG in 2011 after studying at the European Business School. Since then he’s been analyzing changing market conditions for clients such as E.ON, Lufthansa, and Mercedes and developing strategic and organizational solutions. Max is also a sought-after speaker and mentor who knows how to classify digital transformation for both the professional audience and the layperson.

Commerzbank Mittelstandsbank: Beiratstreffen "UnternehmerPerspektiven"
2015, 2016 & 2018 (20-30 Keynotes & Panel)
Mercedes, DAK, Trumpf, JVM, GTEC, IHK, Immobilienscout, Merck, ING, VHV, …
Too Slow for Digital? Will Germany be a Global Player in the Coming Industrial Shifts?
ESMT Berlin, The Digital Society Conference 2018
Main Topics
  • #Innovation Strategies for Corporations
  • #New Work / Business Transformation: Structural, Cultural & Procedural
  • #Tech / Effects and Potential of Technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, and AI on Companies
  • #Leadership
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