Mirna Funk

Director Communication @TLGG


As Director of Communication, Mirna Funk is responsible for global and local communication for the digital agency TLGG.

Mirna Funk studied communication at DAB and philosophy at Humboldt University. Her novel Winternähe was published in 2015. She was previously involved in the European management of the New York startup Casper. Mirna looks back on 16 years of experience in the communications sector, including PR, social media, and VIP/influencer PR. She also works as a freelance journalist for relevant quality media outlets in Germany.

Israel in Deutschland
DAAD Tel Aviv, 2018
Impulse f. eine Demokratie d. Moderne
Deutscher Bundestag, 2019
Authentisches Storytelling
PR Summer School, 2019
Main Topics
  • #Authentic Storytelling
  • #Women in Management and Leadership
  • #Communication of the Future and Experience
  • #People as a Brand
  • #Diversity
  • #Digital Creation and Brands
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