Thomas Hagemeijer

Consultant @TLGG Consulting

Thomas Hagemeijer is a consultant at TLGG Consulting where he works on the topic of organisational development in the health sector.
Thomas brings years of experience as a consultant at A.T. Kearney, where he focused on strategy processes and business models. Since 2017 he is employed as an expert for the future of health systems at TLGG Consulting. As a French, who completed his education in Spain and Australia, he is constantly expanding his strategic view to the health policy of other countries. His mission: to transform the “sick-care” health system into the preventive “well-care” health system. He knows that this requires to bring together patients, doctors, health insurance companies, political decision-makers and start-ups in the digital health sector. Thomas is a sought-after speaker on the subject of the “future of healthcare”.

Healthcare als ├ľkosystem
World Health Summit; 2020 (geplant)
Die Entflechtung des Krankenhauses
MedTech Unternehmen, 2020
Die Zukunft des Gesundheitswesens
Mehrere Pharmaunternehmen seit 2018
Main Topics
  • #Industry: Healthcare
  • #Public Sector Digital Europe
  • #New Work
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