Timo Heuer

Consultant @TLGG Consulting


Timo has been working for TLGG Consulting since 2017 and primarily serves clients in the insurance and finance sector in addition to mid-sized companies.

Timo was interested in the influence of digitalization on society and the economy very early on and co-founded an initiative that promoted an exchange between “Generation Internet” and the German economy back in 2008. Timo gained professional experience at an e-commerce subsidiary of OTTO and a startup incubator, as well as at both classic and digital agencies.

Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung
Zeit – Smart Mittelstand, 2018
Impulsvortrag „New Work“
Kunde Versicherungsbranche, 2018
Main Topics
  • #Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry
  • #Digital Technologies in the Financial Industry
  • #Organizational Development & New Work in Practice
  • #The Effects of Digitalization on Germany as an Economic Location
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