Dr. Tristan Ricken

Consultant @TLGG Consulting


Tristan Ricken is a consultant at TLGG Consulting and advises companies on their path into the digital working world.

After studying psychology, Tristan first went to the HSG, where he dedicated himself to the topics of leadership, new work, organizational ambidexterity, and the ability to innovate. The latter was particularly relevant for SAP, for which he worked on new products in the Innovation Center Network. During this time, he worked in a research collaboration with Novartis to investigate the effects and success factors of new forms of work as well as the different demands placed on employees along the innovation process. For Tristan, empowering employees and enabling effective collaboration processes are the core issues of successful transformation processes.

Staffing an innovative team
BMI Lab Think Tank, 2016
Ambidextrous Leadership
Arbeitskreis Energiewirtschaft, HSG-ITEM, 2015
Effekte neuer Arbeitsformen
Universit├Ąt St.Gallen, Pioneering future work & leadership Konsortium, 2018
Main Topics
  • #New Work
  • #Future Leadership
  • #Team Formations and Collaboration Processes
  • #Organizational Paradoxes
  • #Organizational Innovation Capability
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