2024 – aka. Year 1 after ChatGPT – a potpourri of TLGG POVs from different experts

How we use, experience and think about AI and GenAI: some TLGG perspectives.

25 Jun 2024

“At the moment, AI in marketing is mainly overwhelming. For everyone. What should I use? Do I even need to use anything at all? Is open source good or bad? Where is the law firm that can make this legally compliant for me? How open are my flanks when I train an AI with my data? And firstly: which part of the project budget will be paying for the fun? Do I need AI pros and where do I get them from, if I can’t just steal them?

I’m really looking forward to the hype dying down and to the moment when we start asking ourselves the right questions. Is it good for the brand? Does it offer added value for the idea? Is the insight that AI is suggesting to me a good one?

I'm looking forward to when not everyone on LinkedIn is suddenly an expert doing great things with AI. And the crowd goes 🙌. It's not good just because it’s artificial intelligence. But we all know that. We should just remember it occasionally. Cheers to that!”

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"Within the performance marketing we see a lot of new developments recently. While the data basis for our actions is constantly getting smaller due to data protection regulations and technological change, the platforms are increasingly automating their product portfolios. As a result, the advertising material as such is becoming increasingly important. That is exactly where artificial intelligence can add real value. Thanks to tools such as generative AI, we can create and test a variety of text-image combinations against each other in a very short time, which was never possible before. In addition to a very strong personalization in the approach, the technology also offers us the opportunity to derive insights directly from the advertising material including detailed reports that wouldn’t be possible to get otherwise without lots of extra effort. I am excited to see how AI technology will change the field of reporting. I'm hoping for smart and easy-to-integrate solutions that directly understand the context of the data and usefully supplement dashboards via the chat interface."

Director Marketing Intelligence @ TLGG

Eric Linke