BARMER advocates for gender-sensitive medicine

Are you calling out unequal treatment in times of increased injustice? On posters, platforms, and social channels? You can do it, you should do it, and we have done it successfully. Because it makes sense, because it is important, because it is a matter close to the heart of our client BARMER.


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86 Mio
OOH Impressions
19  Mio
432 K
Positive Sentiment
78  %
Video views
16 Mio

Women need to be treated differently from men.

BARMER defends its claim to be the most progressive health insurance company in the competition. Gender equality and sexual orientation are known to be among its core values. However, for a statutory health insurance fund, gender equality is not only a social matter, but above all a medical one. The briefing given was to boldly enter the public debate with a socially and medically relevant, gender-related campaign - with the clear aim of challenging opinions and bringing about a change in public thinking, as well as strengthening BARMER's progressive position.


"Women do not deserve equal treatment!"

What at first glance seems like an absurd and vulgar remark is actually true from a medical point of view. Because equally good medical treatment is different treatment for each gender. BARMER took advantage of this double meaning and launched a deliberately provocative campaign to raise awareness of the important issue of gender-sensitive medicine among both the public and professionals. The central element of the campaign was a series of seemingly misogynistic and reactionary statements that only at second glance revealed their true meaning and gave the necessary urgency. 


Success in numbers, but above all in intention.

With a total of 86.4 million impressions, 432k interactions and 16.3 million video views and OOH measures, the campaign successfully created public awareness for gender-sensitive medicine. Following the campaign, the topic was not only widely picked up in the German media, but even made it onto the agenda of BARMER's biggest competitors. BARMER has thus initiated a long overdue public discourse, which will hopefully be followed by a change in thinking that saves lives. 

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