The TLGG family combines the digital branding agency TLGG Agency and the management consultancy TLGG Consulting, based in Berlin and New York. In the interplay of these skills, TLGG drives and exploits technological and cultural progress, unlocks potential and opens new opportunities. For our clients, we develop better solutions, more sustainable relationships, and smarter organizations. We tap into new value drivers and customer groups, new technologies and platforms, new tools and new stories.  

TLGG becomes TLGG

TLGG is now also officially called TLGG. 
Here we explain what the old and the new old name are all about.

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From business model to organizational consulting, from market strategy to technical implementation, from creative campaigns to daily contact with markets, media, people - TLGG advises, develops, designs and implements. 


New answers to new questions, new offers for new needs: As an integrated digital business network, TLGG develops solutions for organizations and people, brands and networks, value chains and life cycles. From corporate strategy to piloting to organizational development, from brand development to technical implementation to everyday communication: TLGG delivers across sectors and industries - with expertise, courage, curiosity, and cheerfulness.

This is how we refine the tried and tested and implement innovations. We bring goals and tools together in the right places, we shine as generalists, experts, and networks. Together with our clients, we develop and refine processes, structures, ideas, and skills, work our way in and help them stand on their own two feet. We take care of and enable - according to needs and questions. 

Unpretentious, nonconformist, creative, and digital from the beginning, TLGG Agency has been shaping the customer experience of the future since 2008, bringing together brands, people, products, teams, and ideas in the right places at the right time.

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In a changing world, TLGG Consulting offers customized solutions and a fresh view from outside – for clients who want to think big about the future, break new ground, get things moving, and create results.

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