Working at TLGG

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TLGG designs brand experiences as well as organizations, customer journeys, value chains. Everything is connected, everything is in flux. Change is our constant.

TLGG is a team of teams, a community of experts and generalists. We complement each other and we grow together. But as everything changes, new spaces and opportunities emerge. That's why we're looking for you. Fountain of ideas, number cruncher, business visionary, process pedant – we have a TLGG for you!

You're a multi-talented something-ist? Have a look at our career options!

„Because quirk is welcome.
Because my popcorn T-shirt fits the dress code.
Because I love creativity. And business. And don't have to choose one.“ Carolin Köne
„The most stable ideas come from the team. I appreciate our freedom to create and the many creative minds who think outside the box to make the most of it.“ Kilian Bruneß
„What I am doing at TLGGconsulting? Founding companies and building products. Why am I doing this here? Because I am given freedom and I am perceived and appreciated as an individual. Sometimes it is quite simple.“ Leo Klattenhoff
What TLGG stands for

5 Values for a Halleluja ­

  1. 80 % Agreement = 100 % Energy

    Show courage and make decisions.
    Show courage and accept decisions.
    Put it into practice, even if it hurts.
    Good results are better than perfect plans.

  2. TLGG has got your back

    Take responsibility.
    Hand over responsibility.
    Have confidence.
    Be TLGG for others.

  3. Always act in the interest of the client

    Identify your clients.
    Love your clients.
    Make things possible.

  4. Love sore muscles

    Give it your all and then some.
    Respect great performance and call poor output what it is.
    Raise the bar.
    Take a break.

  5. Be yellow

    Be a part of us.
    Be passionate.
    Give us your mind.
    Give us your heart.

What is your TLGG?

You think you'd be a great fit, but aren't seeing the perfect position? No worries, just send us your application.