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Using an influencer campaign, Deutsche Bahn wanted to reach a target audience of 14 to 27-year-old females who don't often use public transport. At the same time, DB wanted to highlight sustainability, with a focus on green energy. The Herzstück Heimat (Home is where the heart is) IGTV campaign was built around how we all have fond childhood memories of certain places that are linked to exciting experiences or special moments in life. Three influencers who combined an advocacy of sustainability issues with close ties to their home regions took us on a journey to their home towns.

DB Fernverkehr


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„Thanks to an inspiring and authentic influencer collaboration, the female target group was given an understanding of environmentally friendly travel using ICE (intercity express) trains. This had an emotional effect and generated support for the brand.“ Sophie Vizethum, Senior Marketing Manager at Deutsche Bahn
Ad Impressions
24  Mio

An Instagram-campaign for a young, female target group

Deutsche Bahn wanted to use an influencer campaign to reach the target market of 14 to 27-year-old females. They also wanted to highlight the topics of sustainability in general and green energy in particular, which were DB's focus topics in the last quarter of 2019. These goals were achieved within the target group through positive and lasting engagement, as well as new followers for the @dbpersonenverkehr account. 

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A campaign creating an emotional link between sustainability and home

In collaboration with three influencers who are very attached to their home towns and also aware of sustainability issues, we launched the Herzstück Heimat (home is where the heart is) campaign. They took us on a journey to their home towns and showed us around their favourite places using individual IGTV videos. Yet the concept of "Herzstück Heimat" is more than just a train ride home: in German, the "Herzstück" also links to the rail industry as it's a term used to refer to a component in the points system that combines or separates two tracks. The idea of being on the move, of departure and return, wasn't just in line with the image of the influencers themselves, but also that of the Deutsche Bahn.


A resounding success in the target group

In addition to the 26,342 views, 19,600 clicks and around 24 million ad impressions, the IGTV videos also affected the gender balance of followers: before the start of the campaign, it was at 23% to 77% female to male, while afterwards the amount of female followers rose by 2%. 

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