Building a knowledge platform for WBCSD

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) commissioned TLGG Consulting to develop a digital knowledge platform to support the decarbonisation of organisations worldwide. The platform aims to democratise access to decarbonisation knowledge by providing comprehensive insights from the world’s leading companies and experts.



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Presenting complex content with added value

The challenge was to create an easy-to-use digital product for a highly complex subject area that would inspire users and present content clearly. The product strategy, design and technology development of the MVP had to run in parallel. 


With a clear strategy and strong design to the MVP

  • Product strategy  

The first step was to analyse the digital product's customer segments and their pain points. Taking into account existing and new ideas, the size of the customer segments and the severity of their pain points, the feature sets for the product vision were defined.  

We then defined the positioning of the digital product in the context of sustainability software and developed a roadmap and cost estimate for implementing the strategy. 


  • UX/UI design and design system  

A suitable brand and UX/UI design was created for the development of the MVP and the future digital product. We also developed a design system and UX/UI component library for the digital product, which will accelerate future developments of the knowledge platform. 


  • MVP development  

Based on the defined features and design, we developed an MVP based on a headless and serverless architecture that allows the future expansion of the platform. The headless CMS system allows the digital product to quickly scale to different user interfaces and variable use of content for different purposes. 


Scalable MVP for a rapidly growing knowledge platform

The MVP of the WBCSD digital knowledge platform on decarbonisation includes a library of best practices and decarbonisation levers, a decarbonisation guide and a progress report to understand the relevant fields of action. 

The underlying scalable technology and design architecture allows the knowledge platform to grow rapidly. A clear product strategy and roadmap outlines the next steps in the development of the knowledge platform. 

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