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Technological, social and economic change creates both challenges and opportunities. We believe in market-based solutions and we want to help deliver them for our clients, employees, shareholders – and the wider world.

In order to understand change and unlock its full potential, companies need clear answers to the following questions: What is my business model? How should I position myself? What assets do I need? How should we collaborate? And most importantly: Where should I start?  

For consultancy to have a genuine impact, it has to tread a fine line.  To provide effective support to companies in uncertain times, you have to juggle opposites. For example, people skills and approachability might be just as important as sober professionalism. Consultants are partners who need to combine creativity with expertise and proof of concepts. Speed and agility with size and scalability. And it's important not to get lost in the details or the theory – the goal is always practical action. 

Consultants should be equally at home in the boardroom and in the back office, be able to solve urgent problems as well as manage the slow transfer of knowledge, and remember to stay grounded. Numbers are important, but it's important not to forget the people behind them. Consultants should be candid – even brutally so – while also having the charisma to win over the doubters. We believe that we are all of the above – even if we can't promise that we can be all those things, all at once.  

Every job is different and we never adopt a cookie-cutter approach. That's why we deliver long-term results

How We Work

There's no shortage of models and methodologies and they all have their time and place. However, that doesn't mean that they can be applied to every situation. With 10 years of experience helping companies undergo transformations, we have learned that there is no blueprint for change. And although we have seen it all – or perhaps because of that – we have never specialized. As a jack of all trades, we know a little about a lot of things (and in some cases, rather a lot about a subject) and we are always looking to expand our knowledge. After all, focusing too much on a specific area can generate a false sense of confidence and blind you to change. So, our approach involves working closely with our clients to establish a clear direction, a goal and a roadmap of how to get there. 

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