#livingontheedge with fritz-kola – The world is bigger than your screen

How do you raise awareness for social problems, such as homelessness, among a young, fun-loving generation? Especially when their own world often ends at the edge of their smartphone screen? The answer: By bringing reality to Instagram!

We reinterpreted popular hashtags, including #wokeuplikethis or #foodporn, from the perspective of a homeless person. This socially critical content took over fritz-kola's Instagram stories, with no comments for three days. An action film concluded the takeover and started an emotional discussion that was supported by targeted social advertising. Digital OOH displays generated additional awareness. The focal point was an informative campaign page with additional information.

Ultimately, 5.4 million people were reached, generating three million video views and 20,000 reactions. Even better than that: We generated a huge amount of awareness for the homeless.



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„A genuine project from the heart – not just for fritz-kola but for TLGG as well. Total commitment with a great result: visibility for the invisible in our society.“ Simon Dreser, Head of Digital Media at fritz-kola
5  Mio
Video Views 
3  Mio
20  K

in the campaign period
from February to March 2019 


Bursting one's social media bubble

fritz-kola is well known for supporting social projects. Sustainability and social engagement are central elements for the Hamburg-based company, and are present in all areas of the business. As part of their Christmas campaign in 2018 – entitled "Aufmerksamkeit schenken" (give the gift of awareness)  a spotlight was shone on the issue of homelessness. 

While the number of homeless people in Germany is steadily on the rise, we're taking less and less notice of the people living their lives on the edge of society. The distraction caused by the social media is far too great. We launched a joint initiative to address and shake up the younger generation in particular. 

„There's so much more to life than hashtags and pretty pictures. fritz-kola makes people aware of their fellow humans – thank you!“ Anna-Sofie Gerth, Head of Berlin City Mission's City-Station.

Bursting the bubble

The idea: bursting the bubble from the inside. We met with various people who are currently homeless. In collaboration with one of them, we reinterpreted popular hashtags such as #outfitoftheseason, #wokeuplikethis and #foodporn from their point of view. For three days, they took over the fritz-kola Instagram stories. The takeover, with its unfiltered views of life on the streets, caused huge shockwaves in the community. 

The project ended with a short action film on all fritz-kola channels to further the emotional discussion around homelessness. Ads in the style of the takeover targeting the hashtag generation – fans of Bibis Beauty Palace, Sami Slimani or Dagi Bee – generated additional awareness. There were also digital OOH displays at train stations across Germany. 

All media led to the central campaign page, where the background of the campaign was explained and interviews with homeless people were featured. The site also detailed various opportunities to provide support and additional information. 


Much-deserved awareness

The campaign was a huge success on two levels: From a numbers' perspective, we managed to reach 5.4 million contacts, three million video views and 20,000 reactions. It was also an issue close to our hearts, so we are happy to have helped it gain the attention it deserves. 

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