Venture building in the classic car business – close to clients thanks to its own platform

We had already developed the concept for a platform for classic car fans for our clients. We just had to put it into action, up to the point of creating a spin-off company. As the interim start-up team, we took on all the necessary tasks: after nine months, we were able to present not just a complete product but also a 15-person team of future employees.



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The development of the promising yet informal and analogue classic car market

Classic cars are sought-after investments. But manufacturers have very little access to the market, as transactions are usually carried out informally or via third parties. After we had developed the concept for a marketplace, including a business model, based on the results of a two-month market analysis,

it was then our task to establish/position the product successfully on the market for our clients and create a separate spin-off company.


As the interim start-up team, we took on all of the necessary tasks in order to build the venture from the initial vision to the spin-off company

Using technology like blockchain, Gapless wanted to make it possible for users to manage the history of their car and its maintenance, and to use the platform to automatically document any booked services. TLGG built up the coporate venture until the creation of the spin-off company. We managed all the necessary tasks within the team, including the coordination of service providers, recruiting the core team and creating a pitch deck for investors. In just nine months, with the help of dynamic project management, we set up the venture: we carried out user tests, which influenced the design; we inspired target groups at show stands and with product videos; we developed a marketing strategy for a tight marketing budget and implemented communications measures for the soft launch of the beta version of the product.

„TLGG handed over to us as founders a sound and well-prepared case study and a stable initial version of the product. With this as the foundation, we were able to further develop Gapless into the success it is today.“ Jan Karnath, co-founder of Gapless

Ready to launch with a product and a team within nine months

It took nine months to move from development of the business idea to handing over to the team. During this time, we launched a functioning iOS app in the App Store within eight weeks. Visits to six trade shows served as research and client acquisition opportunities in order to continually refine the client offering right up to the (current) design.  At the time we handed it over, the team consisted of 15 people, including product owners, brand/product designers, developers (front-end, back-end, blockchain) and a CEO. Since the official launch, the new venture has gained investors.

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months of market research at six classic car shows
3  +

In-depth evaluation of the situation in order to be able to adequately take in and analyse the varying requirements in terms of maintenance, ownership, insurance and sales.

months of app development

From the click dummy to an app in the App Store in just eight weeks. With a tightly structured development process and several workstreams operating in parallel, we were able to stick to the ambitious release date at the world's biggest car show.

Mio. € in funding received to date

In the three years since we handed the project over to the founding team, they've raked in €11.5 million in funding. Including some from the biggest blockchain venture capital fund. What an achievement!

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